NPB101 Exam1

NPB101 Exam1 - Fill Out Your Scantron (Form UCD #2000): 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Fill Out Your Scantron (Form UCD #2000): 1. Clearly print your NAME 2. Subject: 510 NPB101 MT1 3. Test No.: MT1 4. Date: 4/22110 5. Bubble in your UCD 10#and Write each digit at the top of its column 6. Bubble in your Test Version (A,B,C, or indicated here in upper left corner of this page) 7. Bubble Question 310n your Scanton to indicate how you wish to obtain your Scantron after it is graded, from: (a) the public boxes in first floor hallway in Briggs Hall, or (b) the TA during regular offfce hours. Turn in your Scantron. You may keep your copy of the exam S10 NPBI01 MTI Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. G 1. Transduction in a sensory receptor: ~ Usually 60I:JSOS the cloSUre or.ivll-sf}esifk QatisBellallneis ([P. Occurs when a relevant stimulus generates the receptor potential ;;J:I(ls wi len the ffiaRit .de of tl:lo reeeptor poteFltiel is iFl'O ernel) ~F8fJor:tigRal te the iRwRsii)t ~ a stiR'luh:fS":" 'tY. Results in an action potential when the receptor potential exceeds the threshold potential. /" I, II and III ~ I'III'IV .II,IVV . III,IV _~. I,II,IV 2. The cerebellum: a. Is involved in the planning and coordination of voluntary movements b. Maintains balance and posture c. Receives inputs from numerous other parts of the brain d. Damage to it can result in intention tremors @ a, b, c and d are all correctv' 3. The sympathetic nervous system .fo ' is paft Or tt 16 somatic ne~!eI:JS systeRlI b:-- J:tai PRr:Ra1 ily cl .6liRoFgic ~Qstgallgli~Ris fiboF6 ~ has preganglionic neurons that originate in the thoracic and lumbar regions of the/ spinal cord- . ~I Jlyb ORd e ore true- e. N6Re of these is tFYe... 1 o 4. SJlect the correct statement about motor units ~. ~otor unit is composed of one motor neuron and all of the muscle fibers that neuron innervates )!If' one muscle fiber is innervated by only one motor neuron () One motor neuron can innervate multiple muscle fibers I. Motor units that contain a larger number of muscle fibers are used to produce powerful but coarsely controlled motor movements (F.)}a, b, c and d are all correct . 5. ""f6 : an action potential (AP): . fhere is ai' iRiti81deoFCsseiH ~~a*peFFfleBBilitydYFiR~depolBFi~atjop .;It."'\teltB~e ~ateeH<'"ellal Iileis close dOlii 19epola. i~fHieR-*I.<The ahsolute FOwactoryperiod is dye to tho e#lyx of Na+ fI:or:RtAe Rel:lF9F'l "'1\1. =fhe AP occur:s via positive feedBaek al I'a.19the K+ chaARels il'l the ReyreASI FReR=ll3r8Re....
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NPB101 Exam1 - Fill Out Your Scantron (Form UCD #2000): 1....

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