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Chemistry Exam 2 - Combustion analysis 7. Limiting...

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Chemistry Exam 2 Don’t memorize table 4.5 over solubility rules Learn how to read table 4.5 Concept and calculation type questions Know them inside and out 1. Convert between moles, molar mass, and advogadros number 2. Balance Chemical Equations and combustion reactions 3. Combustion reactions for empirical formulas 4. Stoichiometric calculations 5. Percent composition to give empirical and molecular formulas 6.
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Unformatted text preview: Combustion analysis 7. Limiting reactants 8. Percent yield 9. Concentration calculations 10. Dilutions 11. Electrolytes 12. Acids and Bases (memorize) 13. Molecular, Ionic, and Net ionic equations 14. Titrations 15. Precipitation reactions and calculations 16. Solubility rules (how to use them) 17. Assigning oxidation numbers 18. Balancing both types of redox reactions, bases and acidics...
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