Ch.+15--Treating+Disorders+of+the+Mind+and+Body - Chapter...

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Chapter 15 Treating Disorders of the Mind and Body Psychotherapy--Planned, emotionally charged confiding interaction between a History of Psychotherapy Conditions horrible throughout history No real therapy Mental health reforms in mid-19 th century with Dorthea Dix Improved living conditions in asylums, provided more of a treatment-centered approach, but still no real treatment. Second reform in mid-20 th century with invention of therapeutic drugs allowed for mass release of institutionalized people this led to problems because without therapy, many psychologically ill people can’t work or care for selves Over 400 kinds of psychotherapies Most take eclectic approach (blend several methods) 4 Common Therapies: 1) Psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud) Assumes psychological problems due to Unresolved Unconscious Conflict Try to bring repressed memories to consciousness to patient can deal with 2) Humanistic / Phenomenological ( Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow)
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Ch.+15--Treating+Disorders+of+the+Mind+and+Body - Chapter...

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