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Mike, I just started taking jiu-jitsu at the Rec Center, which I did at a gym back home, and have really enjoyed the chance to continue with this sport. However, at the end of each class, there's only fifteen minutes to practice "live" jiu-jitsu, or one-on-one jiu-jitsu, where both opponents practice situational technique using full effort, rather than the technique drills in the class, where minimal effort is used. I would like to form a club where people who wanted to get more "live" experience with jiu-jitsu could have time to practice these sorts of situations apart from the class itself. In addition, I used to wrestle, and did a bit of boxing and mixed martial arts as
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Unformatted text preview: well, and thought that a basic teaching of stand-up game, specifically boxing, would pair well with the jiu-jitsu part of this club. I've talked to a guy named A.J. Colosimo, who is a sophomore member of the Sigma Tau Fraternity, and he has taught and been a part of boxing for years, and was willing to help teach boxing technique, along with running helpful drills and exercises. I've been talking to some guys both from my dorm, and the jiu-jitsu group at the Rec, about a club like this, and have generated a lot of interest, and was just wondering what the possibilities were. Please let me know what you think when possible. Thanks.-Conor Farley...
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