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English Reflection - Torture 1 Billy Andrew Conor Elizabeth...

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Torture Billy, Andrew, Conor, Elizabeth and Yazmeen Mr. Santin 12/1/11 Reflection Essay The topic of our debate was broken down into two questions. One being, does water boarding classify as torture, and two, should judicial torture be used in our nation in certain situations? The guys were arguing that water boarding falls outside the definition of torture and should be used in enhanced interrogation, and the girls argued that water boarding is in fact torture, and it should not be used. The guys used thought experiments, logical hypothetical situations, and other historical evidence to help support their claim. The girls used a more emotional and ethical approach to help win the audience over. Both the guys and the girls made good points and it was a very tough topic to debate on because both sides agreed and disagreed with each other. There are many rhetorical appeals we used in our debate. In order to gain ethos the boys used historical evidence such as waterboarding in the Navy. The Navy used waterboarding to train the men and it has been proven that there is no long-term physical damage. The boys also used the torture memos put in place by the Bush Administration, which defined waterboarding to be outside the definition of torture. The use of historical context added to the boys’ credentials therefore improving their ethos. The girls used statistics and reliable resources to gain ethos like stating the number of interrogations that worked without torture. Both side of the debate attempted to stir the audiences’ emotions. The girls declared torture to be unethical and stated than no human has the right to torture another 1
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2 human being. Their motive was to create a sense of sympathy and guilt for the victims of torture. The boys tried to appeal to the audiences’ emotions with the ticking time bomb scenario. The scenario made the intense circumstance seem more like reality and allowed the audience to relate to the debate. The description was intended to make the audience consider what they would do if they were put into the same situation. Quite a bit of logos was used to support the claims of each side.
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English Reflection - Torture 1 Billy Andrew Conor Elizabeth...

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