Response Rubric for Glass Menagerie Theatre

Response Rubric for Glass Menagerie Theatre - Written...

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THE 191, Fall 2011 DUE DATE: The Glass Menagerie---October 13 th by 11:55pm Length: 700-800 words. Papers outside of this range will not be accepted. Submission: Electronic only—Upload through class Niihka site via the assignments tab Format: Microsoft Word, double-spaced, size 12 font. Point Value: 50 points per paper. Assignment Goals: 1. To encourage a critical examination of the live theatre experience. 2. To develop/express an informed opinion that integrates personal experience with class concepts and materials. 3. To analyze the methods employed by particular artists at a particular moment in creating a theatrical experience. DO NOT use your paper to summarize the plot. DO NOT simply state your feelings/opinion about the experience. **VERY IMPORTANT: If you reference and/or quote from either the lecture or the textbook, you must CITE the source using MLA format. Up to 10 points may be deducted for improper citations. Failure to cite an exact quote constitutes plagiarism and will be dealt with according to the academic integrity guidelines published in the Student Handbook.** Suggestions for Artistic Concepts to Use: Scenic Design Lighting Design Costume Design Sound Design Props Directing I. Message & Audience: 0-3 4-5 Message: State intended message of the performance. or Identify what you think this piece of theatre is trying to say about the human experience. Message
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Response Rubric for Glass Menagerie Theatre - Written...

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