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Short Story ENG 112 - 1 Farley Conor Farley Dr. Harwood...

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1 Farley Conor Farley Dr. Harwood English 112 22 January 2012 The Checkbook Mitch Connelly brought the coffee cup to his mouth again, pulled the bitter liquid into his mouth, and continued to contemplate the clouds running overhead as he trudged to work. Birds did not sing joyfully, merely screeched incoherent nonsense that made Mitch’s head spin, as he planned for the inevitable monotony that had become his life. The days passed in such a similar fashion that he had no idea what the date was, only a vague feeling of dread as he realized he was running roughly ten minutes late. “Fantastic,” Mitch muttered to himself in the sarcastic tone usually reserved for telemarketers and taxi drivers, “now I can stare at a computer screen for nine hours while Ben rides my ass all day long.” Ben was Mitch’s narcissistic and, many would agree, emotionally unstable boss. Mitch was an accountant, working on data input with a lawn care company, and, many would also agree, was selling himself rather short in terms of a fulfilling career. Nevertheless, each morning he would wake up to his dreadful alarm, debate hitting the snooze button, decide against it, and get ready for another day in the social void that was his workplace. However, on this particular day he was running roughly nine minutes late, despite quickening his pace, when his checkbook fell from a tear along the lining of his breast pocket onto the concrete. It fell to rest just outside of the double yellow street markers as he crossed the street to “Gordon & Co. Lawn Services,” one of
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Short Story ENG 112 - 1 Farley Conor Farley Dr. Harwood...

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