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Short Writing - result of mounting stress and dissatisfaction at work despite fiscal success Connor’s character commits suicide with the ending

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1 Farley Conor Farley Theater 191 Section B Professor Goos 2 November 2011 Short Writing Assignment 3 Of the main genres of theater, Comedy and Tragedy, my play is easily defined as a tragedy. Tragedies, by definition, most always end in death, and the tragic hero of this type of play, Connor Bolanza, makes a mistake, or hamartia. Tragedies are also defined as having magnitude to them, as well as usually beginning in prosperity and ending in a less-than-desirable manner, of which the audience has fear of experiencing themselves. Two attributes of this genre implemented in my play are the tragic hero making a mistake early on that affects the ending of the play, and that the play ends in death. Connor’s character is, by my definition, the tragic hero, and he makes the mistake of choosing a career path that will bring him wealth, but not happiness. Eventually, as the
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Unformatted text preview: result of mounting stress and dissatisfaction at work, despite fiscal success, Connor’s character commits suicide, with the ending scene of the play being his funeral. I think Comedy would be an equally, if not more effective genre than tragedy, because our target audience is the theater class, which is composed of college kids (and an awesome breakout instructor that loves to give A’s on short writing assignments). Comedy is a feel-good genre, and everybody enjoys a good laugh, while not every college student appreciates the message behind a Tragedy. Comedy could be a good way to convey our message that it is important to choose a career path you truly enjoy, either through comical examples or mishaps....
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