Theater Response #2

Theater Response #2 - by Andrew’s character at the...

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1 Farley Conor Farley Professor Goos Theater 191 19 October 2011 Response #2 One of the characters in our play will be a young man by the name of Jose. I will be playing Jose in a representational style of acting. This character is a wannabe rock star, one that is too lazy to actually make anything of his grandeur ambitions. To take this laziness into effect, my base will be narrower, because a strong wide base shows that a character is powerful or can take a definitive stance on something, and Jose is unable to pursue anything due to his laziness. The spine of this character will be bent over slightly, and slightly slouched, to further emphasize his laziness. Jose’s movement is slow and lethargic. He will also have a flexible quality of movement, seeing as he is flexible about most everything. Finally, he will have a light quality of movement. Our play is a linear plot. The exposition is given through narration to the audience
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Unformatted text preview: by Andrew’s character at the beginning of the play, which fills in the audience with the given circumstances and general idea of what is happening. The inciting incident in this play is each character’s graduation, and their movement into true adulthood and independence in the job world, which starts the conflict. The rising action for each character is their employment, and the issues involved in their employment, such as income or overall happiness at the appointed position. The climax of this play is when Connor’s character, an unhappy businessman, kills himself due to mounting stress at 2 work. Finally, the falling action is each remaining character’s realization about their jobs, due to the tragic loss of their friend Connor, and whether or not they change towards a more enjoyable or suitable job, or stay on the same path....
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Theater Response #2 - by Andrew’s character at the...

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