JOSE SCENE - Jose: -Jam out for you (Stands up) Alright man...

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JOSE SCENE Jose is found sitting on a street corner with his guitar, looking distracted and less- than-hopeful. He has been playing for around four hours, and brought in a grand total of about five bucks. He needs this money to pay rent on his mediocre apartment, but can’t seem to grab anyone’s attention. Jose: (Staring off into space, notices a man walking by (Andrew), sudenly perks up and starts playing) Hey man how you doin’ today? This is a song I wro-…. Andrew: (No response, keeps walking by) Jose: …-te last…. It’s uh…. . It’s really good…. Ah c’mon that’s the third time! Is it really that hard to make some small talk… listen to some dope tunes… (Sees Andrew walking by again, dressed as a different person) Hey! Hey man watsup! Dude you came just in time I was just about to-… Andrew: Tries to pass around without making eye contact.
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Unformatted text preview: Jose: -Jam out for you (Stands up) Alright man just give me two minutes of your time I swear my music will make love to your ears jus-… Andrew: I have to go to work you crazy-Jose: Who goes to work on a Saturday you lying piece of-Andrew: Touch me and I call the cops! Touch me one more time! (Throws hands up angrily and starts backing up with phone in hand). Jose: Whoa dude just tryin to be friendly sheesh… (sits back down)… didn’t wanna play for you anyway. . (mumbles under breath). Andrew: Hurries away angrily. Jose: (Starts strumming absent-mindedly) How am I ever gonna keep this up? Not only does this suck, but I make literally no money…. Wait! Hey man! You wanna hear this tasty jam I just thought up?! Hey c’mon don’t run away! Come back! (Grabs Guitar, runs off stage)...
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JOSE SCENE - Jose: -Jam out for you (Stands up) Alright man...

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