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CHEM 145 Experiment 2 FORMAL WRITE UP

CHEM 145 Experiment 2 FORMAL WRITE UP - obtained and then...

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1 Farley Conor Farley CHEM 145 Section A Sara Nielsen Mourad Davis, Alexandra Edmunson 7 February 2012 Kinetics of the Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide METHODS: Initially, the solutions were prepared by first placing 10 ml of 3% (0.88 M) H 2 O 2 into a labeled and clean test tube, then the test tube was placed into a larger beaker (300- 500 ml) containing room temperature water, around 20°C. Next, 50 ml of a 0.5 M aqueous solution of KI was prepared in a 100 ml graduated cylinder. After its’ completion, it was transferred to a 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask. 10 ml of the KI solution was then transferred into a test tube, which was then placed into the same water bath as the H 2 O 2 solution. The remaining KI solution was covered with Parafilm for future use. Upon the complete preparation on the solutions, a clean, dry 25 ml Erlenmeyer flask was first
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Unformatted text preview: obtained, and then secured in the water bath. Then a disposable graduated pipet was used to transfer 1 ml of the 0.5 M KI solution to the same solution as the Erlenmeyer flask. It was swirled for mixing purposes. The pressure sensor was connected to the flask, and the flask was then secured in the water bath. The play button was pressed on the LabQuest device given. After approximately 500 seconds, the experiment was completed, and the rubber stopper was removed from the Erlenmeyer flask. The data was then retrieved from the device, and was displayed in LoggerPro. The file was then saved to my TA’s folder. Three different concentrations of both reagents were used to determine kinetic order, with only one condition changed at a time in each individual experiment. RESULTS:...
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