Biodiversity Lab Write-Up #3

Biodiversity Lab Write-Up #3 - Conor Farley BMZ Lab BA...

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Conor Farley BMZ Lab BA Lenna Odstraka 26 September 2011 Varying Diversity Based on More Than Meets the Eye Hypothesis : There is a greater amount of biodiversity in the mulched area of examination, as opposed to the non-mulched area, due to certain abiotic factors such as moisture content, temperature, and surface area. Results : The results of the data collected and equations used to determine biodiversity in either of these areas were surprising to say the least. After recording all the data for my groups’ mulched and non-mulched areas, I listed the Mulched area as ‘Set-A,’ and the Non-Mulched area as ‘Set-B.’ For Set-A, the population density, ‘N,’ was 68, and was 16 for Set-B. The species richness for Set-A (S) was 14, while it was 7 for Set-B. I then determined the Shannon-Weiner Diversity Measure for both sets (H’), and recorded 2.23 for Set-A and 1.688 for Set-B. The Evenness for either set was then tested, and came out as 0.83 for Set-A, and 0.55 for Set-B. Finally, I recorded the Simpson’s Index of Diversity for both sets of data (1-D), and found Set-A was 0.835 and 0.773 for Set-B. As for the abiotic factors I started with, there were three individual groups that recorded the temperature and moisture content for Sets A-B, and for Set-A, Group 1 had an average temperature (over two trials) of 18.3, Group 2 had 18.7, and Group 3 had 18.85. As for
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the moisture content of Set-A, Group 1 had an average of 3.0, Group 2 had 2.35, and
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Biodiversity Lab Write-Up #3 - Conor Farley BMZ Lab BA...

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