BMZ 116 Lab Write-Up #1

BMZ 116 Lab Write-Up #1 - 1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab 116...

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1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab 116 Taylor Leach 30 January 2012 To Be, Or Not To Be (Genetically Modified) The issue of Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMO’s, has been a hot topic for debate ever since the creation of GMO’s in the ‘90’s, more specifically the debate over modified crops, and whether or not they should be labeled. Upon further research outside of class, it was found that there are a few main arguments both sides choose to touch on: That the consumers have a right to know what they are eating, that organic foods are already produced with a label and cannot, by definition, be GMO’s, and the potential health risks associated with consuming these products, to name some of the bigger points. However, I have found a stronger argument against the labeling of GMO’s than for it, and based on the information presented to me, much of the argument for labeling these foods can be shot down with counter arguments involving labeling prices, the current labeling of allergens in GMO’s and organic foods, and the benefits of GMO’s in general. One of the most prolific arguments I came across in my research regarding this topic was simply that the consumer is entitled to know what he/she is consuming. Without labeling GMO’s, one could argue that there is a gap in how informed the consumer can be, and that “… labeling gives consumers a choice in what they are eating” (Hesson, 1). However, there are many counter-arguments that outweigh the preceding statement. One point made to refute this claim is that “Some of the proposals offered by
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2 those who want mandatory labeling will waste money, unnecessarily alarm consumers, and delay advances in biotechnology” (Hesson 1). This is a sincerely valid point, given
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BMZ 116 Lab Write-Up #1 - 1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab 116...

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