Pond Bacteria Lab Report

Pond Bacteria Lab Report - 1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab...

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1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab 115 Section BA Lenna Odstraka 16 October 2011 Something’s Fishy in Finneytown Hypothesis: There is a bacterial infection afflicting the fish of Pond-22, in the Finneytown Catfish Company, that can be identified and eliminated through the use of the antibiotics Ampicillin, Penicillin, or Colistin Sulfate. Results: (Table 1) Class Data Pond Number Color Colony Cell Gram (+/-) 16 Red Circular Bacillus Purple (2)/pink (4) White Undulated Bacillus Purple (2)/pink (2) Yellow Circular Coccus Purple 22 Red Circular Bacillus Pink White Circular/Undulated Bacillus Purple Yellow None None None Pond Number Antibiotic Color Colony Other Gram Stains 22 Ampicillin Red Bacillus White<red, white = larger White Coccus Penicillin Red Coccus Red>white, 1 white colony White Coccus Colistin Sulfate Red Coccus Red>white, 15 white colonies White Coccus None Red Coccus 16 white, 1 bacillus red Red=pink White Bacillus Red>white White=purple 16 None Red Coccus 15 white colonies, red>white Red=pink
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2 White Bacillus White=purple (Table 2) Group Data The results for this experiment were both interesting and helpful in determining what bacterial agents were parts of each pond, and what they potentially affected in each. For the class results, which can be seen in Table 1, Pond-16 had red, white, and yellow colonies present. The red colonies were circular, Bacillus shaped and there were two purple Gram stains and four pinks Gram stains as a result (Table 1). The white colonies
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Pond Bacteria Lab Report - 1 Farley Conor Farley BMZ Lab...

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