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ALTERNATIVES: Turkish Journal of International Relations Vol. 9, No. 3, Fall 2010, pp. 73-80. Global Combat against Terrorism and Money Laundering: A Historical Perspective with Assessment and Strategy Mohammed Viquaruddin * Abstract We try to check out the measures of our historical acts in the sense of quotation that politics of yester years has become the histories of today. From the beginning, the current situation did not need any highlight as we know the historical perspective is an assessment for us to tackle the situations of terrorism and money laundering for their sinful acts. In the last we even try to create some strategies. Key words: terrorism, money laundering, capitalism Historical Introduction Although this is not a history of terrorism and our analysis does not emphasize terrorist groups of antiquity, some appreciation of their violent past is essential. The history of terrorism constitutes a major undertaking in its own right. That is not our intention here. However, it is important that we should not ignore certain historical antecedents of terrorism and violence in order to appreciate the relationship between ancient and contemporary terrorist movements. War and revolution in general and the terrorist strategy in particular have a rich heritage. The terms terrorism and terrorist have their roots in the French Revolution. Since that time terrorism has been widely used to describe almost every form of violent behavior. Even though the term is relatively recent, the terrorist strategy is not. Criminal justice practitioners and students of the terrorist method sometimes ignore this important history they also feel that terrorism is a contemporary phenomenon and thus new and unprecedented. * Dr. Mohammed Viquaruddin, Assistant Professor in Political Science, DeogiriCollege, Aurangabad, # 64, Dilras Colony, Asif Baugh, Nr. Ghati, 431 001, Maharashtra, India, v4politics@gmail.com .
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74 Mohammed Viquaruddin Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations, Vol. 9, No. 3, Fall 2010 * Sicarii and Zealots: Terrorism as strategy to produce panic or paralyzing fear for the purpose of accomplishing premeditated political objectives was first introduced by the Jewish Sicarii and Zealot movement of ancient Palestine. The Sicarii and the Zealots, through acts of historic terror, successfully influenced a massive revolt against their colonial Roman rulers. However, the revolt ended after the Romans had encircled the Sicarii at Masada. * The Assassins: A similar mixture of religious zeal and political extremism was the feature of a better-known religious sect called the Assassins. 1 The Assassins were a division of the Shi’ite Ismaili Muslim sect that appeared in the eleventh century and were finally extinguished in the thirteenth century by conquering Mongols. * Narodnaya Volya: Compared to the Sicarii, Assassins, Thugs, Fenians, Chinese secret societies
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f_0020899_17373 - ALTERNATIVES: Turkish Journal of...

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