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Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations, Vol.1, No.4, Winter 2002 30 A Story of Mitigated Ambitions: Kosova's Torturous Path to its Postwar Future Isa Blumi* In many ways, the present situation in Kosova speaks of a dramatic failure on the part of the international administration to grasp the local specifics of the last fifteen years of conflict in the Balkans. Even based on its own criteria, the international community’s failure have been impossible to avoid. Among the more glaring examples is the more or less complete segregation of Kosova’s population along the very Serb and non-Serb divide sought by Serb nationalists since the late 1980s. This segregation, along with any number of policies imposed by the international community in its administration of Kosova since 1999, has conceded to a kind of logic that reaffirms xenophobic conceptions that Albanians and Serbs cannot live together, exactly opposite what the administration in Kosova today publicly proclaims. Although much has been written about Kosova during and after the NATO bombing campaign of 1999, most of the analysis has mirrored that failure to question long-held generalizations of the region. More specifically, authors have neglected the dynamics evolving inside the country itself, preferring the crude categories and schemas best analyzed by David Campbell several years ago. 1 Part of the problem is that much of the available evidence of activities on the ground inside Kosova during NATO intervention has been ignored in favor of reinforcing more media-friendly types of arguments. The failure of recent analysis of the events
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Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations, Vol.1, No.4, Winter 2002 31 is compounded by the subsequent inability to properly gauge the mistakes of these policies that precipitated the war in Kosova. This inability to adopt a criteria that focuses on local conditions for maintaining a critical analysis of diplomatic practices has not only proven detrimental to academia. It has also left policy-makers ill prepared to deal with the consequences of NATO's action, especially when it pertains to Kosova's still contentious and uncertain future. The manner in which the international community has administered Kosova, asserted measures of control over its Albanian population and neglected fundamental state and society building issues have left the region in an uneasy state. The factors involved in this following critique are not unique to Kosova however. The lack of preparedness in both academic and diplomatic circles has also been exposed since 1999 in such places as Macedonia and the previously unacknowledged growth of so-called Islamic terrorist cells throughout Europe and North America. In order to prevent future crisis in Kosova, the Balkans and the larger “Islamic” world, it
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tjir_v1n4bli01 - A Story of Mitigated Ambitions: Kosova's...

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