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Week 2 Discussion Question 1

Week 2 Discussion Question 1 - which is to stop moving...

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Week 2 Discussion Question 1 Class, What does sense of purpose mean to you? What are some of your professional short- and long-term goals that fulfill that sense of purpose? I have asked my self this question several times through out my life, and this answers varied depending on my age and responsibilities. The answer to it now at this point of my life with my current situation, being a husband and a father, is somewhat easier because I am more mature and have responsibilities that evolve others (my family), it means that I have to excel at everything I do, always go a step further, achieve my goals so that I can provide for my family, give advise and guidance to my children by achievements and not just empty talks. I have already fulfilled some of goals; I have managed to learn a good and useful construction trade that I can fall back on if other professions do no work out, other goals are centralize my self with my family in one place so that it can lead to my long term goal
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Unformatted text preview: which is to stop moving around to give my family a stable living environment. Kimberley, I admire your choice of goals, I have a huge interest in forensic science and I am very fascinated with the fact it can sometimes solve a crime just by analyzing the tiniest, microscopic piece of evidence. The technology has came a long way and is still advancing at a rapid pace. Out of curiosity what inspired you to pursue this field? Samantha, You make a very good and interesting point about the sense of purpose is to identify whom we are. I can relate to that and I think by finding as much as we can about ourselves, and by knowing the things that we like and do not like, it will help us choose the best most suitable purpose in life. Yet I can not help but wonder about what if we had chose something that we thought was suitable for us at first, and only to find out later that we dislike it or perhaps we failed to accomplish it, what are your thoughts on that?...
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