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Week 2 Discussion Question 5

Week 2 Discussion Question 5 - Week 2 Discussion Question 5...

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Week 2 Discussion Question 5 Class, What barriers must you overcome in order to achieve your college goals? Describe at least three strategies you have created to overcome these barriers. Barriers I have to overcome are finances and time management, thinking about the total cost to earn a degree is a big distraction, enough to make any one second guessing them selves if they should spend all that money to get a degree, and the time it takes to get there having to study all the time, taking exams, doing researches, having the motivation to study after a long day at work. Strategies are a very effective way of dealing with these barriers; dealing with the finances obstacle is easy when it is perceived differently - Getting a degree is really an investment just like buying a house for example; I will be compensated making more money with a degree then with out one. - It does not have to be paid all at once; it can be broken down to much smaller amount by semesters.
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