Two of the nutrients our body

     Two of the nutrients our body

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Unformatted text preview: Two of the nutrients our body's need the most is water and proteins. Water is a crucial nutrient needed to carry oxygen and nutrients to the blood cells, tissues, and molecules in our bodies.Our bodies are mostly made of 50 to 60 percent of water. Unlike food, If you were to go a few days without water you would most likely die of dehydration. Protein is another well needed nutrient for out bodies. Protein is great for repairing bone, muscle, skin, and blood cells. This is why protein is also known as "body builders." It can also help prevent diseases from many enzymes. Protein is a source of energy to our blood cells by transporting Iron, oxygen, and nutrients. In order for our proteins to be complete the must be in amounts that are well proportioned. They also must be in a digestible form. Many body functions and survival is done with the right amount of proteins. I have to agree with the two choices you picked, even though water has no test, no color, and no calories, it is the most important nourishing ingredient for our body, actually for any living...
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