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Week 2 Discussion Question 3 Class, Which of Dr. Holland’s categories, located on pages 222 - 224 of the text, describes you best? Looking at the career choices that Dr. Holland has identified with those categories, do those career choices make sense to you? Explain why or why not. According to Dr. Holland’s list of categories, the one that describes best is “Realistic”, I totally agree with that, I am very down-to-earth, and practical doer, I am always willing to entertain and help any type of people and will always give strangers a benefit of a doubt, and I also try to look at the practical solution for any kind of issue rather then an easy one. It state that I am competitive/assertive, and have an interest in activities that require motor coordination, according to several family members and friends, I am very good with my hands, I do like and for the most part
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