My ultimate goal is to earn a 4

My ultimate goal is to earn a 4 - My ultimate goal is to...

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My ultimate goal is to earn a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree; I will achieve this in two stages, an Associate degree in two years, then the full degree in two more years. I will further break the years into semesters and finally I will set my goals to excel at each an every course I need to take to get the credits needed. I will concentrate on passing all the classes by following the syllabus and setting a three-hour minimum daily study time. My goal is a long term both personnel and professional, I first need to achieve this goal for self fulfillment purpose, I have always told my self that I will get a degree, only this time I set the time and the plan to achieve it. Secondly it will serve me professionally as well. The purpose of this goal is to fulfill my long awaited dream, to prove self in society, having succeeding to what I set up to do in my life, and get that self-fulfillment feeling. The major benefits to me are becoming more self confident, being academically
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  • Summer '11
  • keller
  • Academic degree, Bachelor's degree, Associate's degree, Bachelor of Science, minimum daily study, self fulfillment purpose

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