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Week 3 Discussion Question 4 What was your motivation for enrolling in college? How do you plan to stay motivated throughout your college career? I have several motivations for enrolling in college, one of the biggest one is self satisfaction, I have always been saying to my self that I will go back to school to get my degree no matter what, I finally stopped saying it and started doing it, it would be a big accomplishment for me, and that makes feel real good. My plan to stay motivated throughout my college career is the fact that I know, four years are going to pass by no matter what, the question is will I have my degree at the end or not? And the answer is defiantly yes; I have stated now and I intend to go all the way. I have set my self-small goals along the way to make this journey easier to handle, one step at a time, breaking the fours down to just 2 classes at a time week-by-week, and down to the hours day-by-day.
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