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Week 3 Discussion Question 3

Week 3 Discussion Question 3 - Sabrina Your motivational...

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Week 3 Discussion Question 3 Class, What are three motivational strategies you have created to help you successfully reach your academic goals? Erica, I think we all have different motivational strategies that can be suitable for some but not for others, I believe it  is fine to choose anything as long as it works for you by helping you reach your goals, we all have different  choices and thinking and it is important for us to follow them even in cases where others may not approve.  So have you only started using these “motivational quotes” specifically since starting these courses? 
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Unformatted text preview: Sabrina, Your motivational strategies are very interesting, especially the last one, I think as well as planning, writing down, and working towards our goals, it is very important for us to regularly think and visualize the end results, seeing that position we are trying to reach, and imaging the relief and the happiness we will have once we obtain our degree and start enjoying all the benefits along the way. Are you finding two hours a day for studying enough to reach your weekly goals?...
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