Week 3 Discussion Question 2

Week 3 Discussion - Week 3 Discussion Question 2 Review the video Motivation and then answer the following questions Who is a person(family member

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Week 3 Discussion Question 2 Review the video, Motivation, and then answer the following questions: Who is a person (family member, acquaintance, or a famous person) who has overcome various obstacles and achieved his or her goals? How can this person’s story of triumph influence your academic goal of obtaining a degree? I have heard of some individual with special difficult circumstances that have managed to earn a college degree, like people 70 years and older, homeless or with severe disability people, I am sure they would have a great inspiring stories, but I do not know of any personally, so I am going talk about the one person that I know and lived with that I look up to and respect very much, my oldest brother which was also a father figure while I was growing up, despite all odds, at the age only 18 years, he managed to help my mother in supporting and providing for 5 other younger siblings
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