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Week 4 Discussion Question 5

Week 4 Discussion Question 5 - Week 3 Discussion Question 5...

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Week 3 Discussion Question 5 According to the information on page 122 of your text, what is the purpose of using primary sources in academic writing? What strategies might you use to improve reading comprehension of primary sources? The purpose of the primary sources is to further provide more details and information about a specific topic that the textbooks did not cover, and they can only be provided by the original source of the research or document. These further sources can be used to further understand the specific topic and to obtain additional materials that can help us improve our reading by giving us in-depth of details in the form of journal articles, research papers, or original essays. Samantha, I agree with you, we always tend to pay closer attention and study well when we come across articles that are interesting and we like, we read them closely and make sure we
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