Week 4 Discussion Question 3

Week 4 Discussion - understanding the whole word together Areva I really like your idea of using flash cards with new terms to help you learn them

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Week 4 Discussion Question 3 Part of reviewing is developing your vocabulary. Page 127 of the text lists strategies to help you develop vocabulary skills. Which of these strategies would be most effective for you? How would you apply these vocabulary strategies when reading primary source materials? I do believe that reviewing is key to developing my vocabulary; it is defiantly where I encounter and learn new words and terminology. I mostly use the strategy where I try to use the context of the surrounding words, to help me understand challenging or unfamiliar words, and always confirm the correct answer by finding the definition, that seems to help me remember when I come across it again. I also try to use these new terms in my writing or speaking to make sure they are kept in my long time memory. Also when ever possible, I try to break up the word into pieces that I am familiar with, and try
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Unformatted text preview: understanding the whole word together. Areva, I really like your idea of using flash cards with new terms to help you learn them, I think it can help us clearly note the new word or expression and make it easy to retain. Perhaps we can also try to use the new terms with other sentences unrelated to our textbook study to helps really understand them. What do you think of this your idea? Rick, I agree with you, vocabulary is very important in our professional daily life as it represents our ability to communicate with others. It can make an impression in our way to write or speak to others. It is necessary for us to constantly keep improving our vocabulary academics, there for we need to retain any new words or expression while studying for our degree. Do you tend to practice you’re the new terms with friends or family first before using it with others?...
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