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Week 5 Discussion Question 5

Week 5 Discussion Question 5 - Kimberley I agree with you...

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Week 5 Discussion Question 5 What do you do to relieve the stress in your life? Has this strategy been effective? Explain why or why not. Refer to the list of stress relievers on page 300 of the text. Are any of these stress relievers on your list? Would you consider trying any of them? If so, which ones would you consider? Do you have any additions to the list? To keep my stress level to an acceptable manageable level, I always try to achieve the most basic daily factors that increase stress, starting with enough sleep, eating good healthy on time and in moderation, and exercises like riding my bike. I have consciously started doing all the above, and I have noticed a big positive change in my daily life style. Referring to the list, I often watch a comedy movie with friends, which make me laugh to relieve any stress. I would also consider praying and practicing Yoga; these methods are a great way to relieve stress. I have also been doing a lot of stretching while breathing thorough the day.
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Unformatted text preview: Kimberley, I agree with you, walking away from undesirable situations that cause us stress is probably the best way to rid ourselves of that stress, verses trying to fight our way with co-workers can even cause our stress level to get worse. Walking away gives us the chance to cool down, relax, gather our thoughts, and in turn get rid of our stress. What do you do when school studies stress you out? Brandon, I agree with you, working out is one of the best ways to relief stress as well as stay healthy and in good shape. I often turn to the gym at work any time work get a little bit overwhelming and stressful, and it always work great, after finishing the exercises and showering, I return to work like it is a new day, completely relaxed and ready to tackle the issues again, and very often solve them very fast. How often do you exercise to relieve your stress?...
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