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Week 5 Discussion Question 4

Week 5 Discussion Question 4 - Even the best students still...

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Week 5 Discussion Question 4 Review the information on pages 21-24 of your textbook. How will you overcome procrastination, set priorities, and remain focused on your goals? When it comes to procrastinating, I always try to remind my self of my future goals, it helps me keep them under control and stay focus. When I realize I am procrastinating, I quickly switch to other task to get me motivated, and eventually go back to my studies to finish my assignments. This seems to help minimize the severity of procrastination. Writing down all my goals and plans to achieve my degree, help me get through weak moments and stay on schedule. I also stay focus on time management by completing the different tasks efficiently on time in their priority order, and taking several breaks in between classes. Kimberley,
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Unformatted text preview: Even the best students still procrastinate, thinking they do not need to do a particular assignment because it is not interesting enough. We all come up with different excuses not to do things on time, I think this the reason why we end up with so many tasks to do all at once, making them more difficult to handle. Do you think you might change your habits now that we are reading about procrastination? Richard, I think none of us are immune to this powerful state of procrastination, I can relate to your comments, I also do the same thing, and I agree with you, our class schedule plays a big role in helping us avoid procrastinating. Foe the most part, procrastination is due to our laziness and excuses. When you realize you are procrastinating, what do you do first to snap out of it?...
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