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Week 5 Discussion Question 3

Week 5 Discussion Question 3 - Week 5 Discussion Question 3...

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Week 5 Discussion Question 3 What are some ways you might effectively manage time now that you are an online student? Now that I am an online student, and since I have many other daily activities as well, I have to be very organized to effectively mange my time. I found out the most effective way is to schedule my time in segments, and write down all the daily tasks in there corresponding prioritized segment. This gives me a clear picture of what has to be done for each hour of the day. One more effective way to manage more time allocated to school is to make use of any extras time left from other activities to do more studying and try to be ready ahead of time, this could helps be more prepared for our exams. Carol, I think it is very important to include fun and study free time in our
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