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Week 6 Discussion Question 3

Week 6 Discussion Question 3 - us to better manage our...

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Week 6 Discussion Question 3 What did you learn about yourself from the VARK Learning Styles Inventory? How might this information help you as a college student and adult learner? The VARK learning style inventory confirmed that I am a visual learner since I am more comfortable understanding and solving problem by highlighting notes; I often use symbols or charts to simplify things, and use different arrangement of words on the page. This is excellent information that will help me focus on the techniques that work best for me to achieve the best results and familiarize my self with the processes. This will help me learn how to make the right decisions and solve problems by following the correct steps laid out for each problem, and do this differently for each problem/situations if needed Marcus, The VARK is a great tool to helps find our learning style; this in turn will prepare
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Unformatted text preview: us to better manage our future classes and eventually achieve a college degree with good grades. We can use the VARK to properly plan studying for each individual class. It will help us improve the use of our learning style. Were you aware of learning styles before reading this textbook and test yourself? Carol, That is great that you were able to confirm your preference for learning, It is true that we learn something about ourselves more often no that we are college students. After all the purpose of studying is for us learn and discover ourselves, this will defiantly help us in optimizing our way of learning the many different college classes available. Would you be willing to experiment with other learning preferences?...
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