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Week 6 Discussion Qustion 1 - Marcus, You are correct in...

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Week 6 Discussion Qustion 1 What were your results for the VARK and Multiple Intelligence Inventory models presented in Chapter 4 of the text? How might these insights about your personal learning styles help you to be a more effective college student? My VARK and the Multiple Intelligence Inventory models results are: VARK score is 26, and the stepping distance is 2 with a first preference of 4, which puts me under the single preference category with a visual learning style. This is an accurate description of my learning habits, which I have adopted through out my learning curve. I generally understand things much better when I see them working, however I am also open minded to other styles because sometimes we need to be wiling to try new techniques that may work better then the ones we are comfortable with. Finding and using the best styles will help us excel in our studies by having the most efficient method to study for each different subjects or classes.
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Unformatted text preview: Marcus, You are correct in saying you will succeed if you make studying first priority, stay focused, and keep studying on a regular basis. I think it would very difficult to fail if we are serious about studying and really enjoy reading, answering questions, and keep up participation. As long as we give our best and stay on top of all our classes by having a daily plan, we will most likely succeed in obtaining our college degree in a timely manner. Have you establish a full study plan now that we are past the half way mark of our classes? Richard, It is good that you have found the best way that makes learn quicker and better, I think it takes a few tries before we can find out what best suites us to study and learn. I also think it is a good idea to keep an open mind and be flexible by trying several methods so that we can find the one that works best for us. Did you try different methods before deciding which one suite the best?...
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