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Week 7 Discussion Question 4

Week 7 Discussion Question 4 - remembering my course...

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Week 7 Discussion Question 4 Have you ever used mnemonics (see page 139 of your text) to remember something complicated? If so, describe the techniques you have used. What ways might you use mnemonics to be a more effective college student and adult learner?. When it comes to mnemonics, there are two main ones that I use, the first one is Acronyms, which I started using within the last few years on some unrelated courses that I took where the teacher used them very often to help us remember some important definitions. The visualization is one that I have used since primary school; I would always use visualization to associate words, concepts, or stories with images. I often use this to remember how to navigate back to an address, by using landmarks and easy to recognize buildings to reach the intended target. I use mnemonics to improve on
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Unformatted text preview: remembering my course materials to excel at all exams at the end of each course. Samantha, I have to agree with you on the knuckle technique, and it appears that it could be known internationally; I have leant and used it from my time while living in other continent. As for others, I did not know about most of them until now. I think I will be using some of them for the future. Have you used any of them in this class so far? Richard, Mnemonics are a great way of remembering certain things in our daily life in general. It is very true, we tend to remember things from unusual ways or events, and I think it makes them stand out from the regular ways, thus helping us remembering what we need to know by associating to those unusual situations. Do you think that it is possible to use mnemonics for all classes?...
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