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Week 7 Discussion Question 3 What techniques do you use to remember what you have studied? Review Studying to Understand and Remember on page 134 of your text. Which of these techniques do you currently use? What techniques you would like to add to the list? The techniques I use to help me best remember what I have studied is to make the study materials into a story; this will make me easily understand and remember. Since an interesting story with a meaning, a beginning, and an end are very easier to retain. I would always try to fully understand what I am reading rather then just read fast with too much comprehension. One way to be able to understand and remember is to fully concentration on the lesson in class; this will need our full attention with no interruptions. I also try to be stress free while studying, and organize my self before starting my classes. I would also like to start over learning the materials; I need to go over them again to help
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