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Week 7 Discussion Question 1 - Samantha, You are quite...

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Week 7 Discussion Question 1 Review the Tips for Effective Studying on page 133 of the text. What are two of the tips you find useful? Explain why. The two tips I find useful are to manage my study time wisely and follow a regular exercise program. Since I became a college student, I have come to realize that the only way to be successful in keeping up with all of my daily tasks and exams is to maintain a regular study schedule, creating a schedule around all my other life commitment has helped be well prepared for my courses assignments and exams. I have also noticed by sticking to regular physical activities, like riding my bicycle, jogging and weight lifting, has helped me to be physically and mentally ready to tackle all those daily class assignments. I often take a break from my studies to go work out, after which I feel much refreshed and rested, ready to answer all my assignments.
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Unformatted text preview: Samantha, You are quite right, having a routine and sticking to it can give a huge advantage in keeping up with our daily studies. By having a plan and following it, it will soon turn into a normal routine and would lead to manageable day-to-day activities. This will make our studies much more easier to handle with less stress. Do you actually study everyday of the week? Richard, I agree with you, lack of sleep is probably one of the main reasons that cause us to fall behind in our studies. It is very hard to concentrate on anything if we do not have enough sleep, as the brain tend to stop working properly once we get that tiring feeling. It is very important to get enough sleep every day to be able to deal efficiently with our daily tasks. Does the caffeine help you stay awake?...
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