Week 8 Discussion Question 4

Week 8 Discussion Question 4 - ever participated in any...

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Week 8 Discussion Question 4 Review the list of student workshops available to you. Have you taken any of the workshops? If so, were they helpful? Which workshops would be most helpful to you to take in the future? Carol, I agree with you, the essay-writing workshop is very interesting and useful to all students. As college students, we will all be required to do essays at some point, taking this workshop will help us prepare and improve our skills for writing essays. I will be taking this workshop in the near future to learn the proper way of writing good essays. Have you
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Unformatted text preview: ever participated in any other workshop before? Kimberley, I have browsed through the several workshops available, and I think the Microsoft workshop offers a lot of useful and practical teaching for the everyday use of the computer. It would be very educational for college students, since we use the computer and Microsoft software for studying everyday and also for most of work related projects. Do you think you would take these workshops elsewhere if they were not available on the university of Phoenix website?...
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