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PCB4522 spring 2011 Exam 1 Review topics I. Early Man lecture: Homo erectus Homo neanderthalis Homo sapiens Synonymous mutation Nonsynonymous mutation Molecular clock FoxP2 Ring species II. Chapter 11-The Replicon: Smallest replicons Largest replicons Bidirectional vs. unidirectional-audioradiographs OriC, 13 min delay, methylation/hemi-methylation SeqA, DnaA ter sites, Tus protein foci ARS (yeast autonomous replication site); A, B1 sites ORC (origin recognition complex) ABF1 (transcription factor) Note: This is sometimes called “MCM1.” Licensing Factor components Cdc6, Cdt1, Geminin, MCM 2-7 Mitochondrial D loops, primer composition, triple-strand specific Rnase L strand origin, H strand origin III. Chapter 12-Extra Chromosomal Replicons; T-DNA supplement What are ways that biological systems have devised to replicate linear DNA? Terminal protein, rolling circle, telomere repeats Protein A roles (nicks, attaches to 5’-end, re-cuts at origin) What is the primer in rolling circle replication? Adenovirus? ColE1 plasmid? Which strand is packaged into the PhiX174 virion? How does the linear single strand (top strand in slides) of adenovirus get replicated?
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PCB4522+spring+2011-Exam1+terms-c - PCB4522 spring 2011...

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