Syllabus-2012k - Molecular Genetics PCB4522 (Revised...

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Molecular Genetics PCB4522 (Revised 5Jan12) Course/Section Information: PCB4522 Spring 2012-section 4229; Final exam Group 3D Course Requirements : MCB3020 or MCB3023 (Botany, Zoology and Biology majors may be able to get a waiver to substitute other advanced biology, biochemistry or molecular biology courses) Instructor : William B. Gurley Textbook : Genes X, Benjamin Lewin Introduction : This course will discuss the synthesis and manipulation of DNA and the principles of gene expression at the molecular level in both prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The topics covered will include an introduction to the concepts of DNA replication, repair and the packaging of the genome into chromosomes. In preparation for this course you should have an understanding of basic college level introductory biology and at least one other more specialized biology course such as Microbiology, Botany, Zoology, Genetics or Biochemistry. Presentation Format: This course will be a hybrid between an online course and a traditional lecture style course. The goal is to have all lecture material prerecorded and posted here at the Sakai website. There will be approximately 3 hours of recorded lecture material available each week. On some occasions the class may only meet on Thursday for a discussion and review of the lecture material. All meetings in the classroom will be recorded for later viewing. Office hours : Fridays 4-6 (also after the Thursday discussion sessions in the classroom) Laptop computer requirement: All exams will be administered through E-learning in Sakai with students using personal laptop computers. The exams will be given during regularly scheduled class time in the regular lecture hall room (CSE room A101). 1) Students are required to have, or have access to, a laptop computer that has been configured with the lockdown browser . 2) In addition, the student is expected to have sufficient battery life to last for the entire 50 min exam. The 5 major exams can only be taken at the appointed time with the student in attendance (not at a remote location). All exams will be proctored by the instructor with help from graduate student teaching assistants. Anyone not able to meet the above lap top computer requirements should contact the instructor as soon as possible. Spring 2012 Exam Calendar: Jan 24 Exam 1 Feb 16 Exam 2 Mar 22 Exam 3 Apr 19 Exam 4 May 3 Cumulative Final*
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*Optional Cumulative Final ( Friday May 3 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM; in the regular classroom) Note: You can substitute this grade for the regular exam having the lowest score. However, if the score on the cumulative final is lower than your lowest grade, your original grade will stand. There is no penalty for taking the cumulative final and obtaining a grade too low to substitute.
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Syllabus-2012k - Molecular Genetics PCB4522 (Revised...

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