BMO Fund Sales Presentation Planning Worksheet

BMO Fund Sales Presentation Planning Worksheet - FINA25444...

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FINA25444 SELLING FINANCIAL SERVICES Sales Presentation Planning Worksheet SETTING YOUR OBJECTIVES The Objectives for my Sales Meeting are: 1. (Primary) To obtain another meeting with the prospective buyer for next Friday, during which I will be looking to achieve the objective that is my optimistic goal for today. 2. (Minimum) To obtain a promise from the prospect to have her call me back before the end of next Friday. 3. (Optimistic) To do a risk profile on the prospect, have her fill out all the personal information forms, have her sign up as a client today, and to have her make the initial minimum investment into the fund I will be discussing. SALES PRESENTATION DATE AND TIME You and your partner will sign up for your sales presentations in class Week 9. Presentation will be made in class weeks 13 and 14: Date/Time: April 13, 2007 at 11:15 am SETTING THE AGENDA Outline Who, what, where, when: The prospect I am meeting today is XXXXXXXXX, a second year Finance student at Sheridan College who is looking to start an investment portfolio but is unsure whether right now is the correct time to begin. She is also looking to keep her portfolio relatively simple and considers one fund adequate to start with. 1
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The agenda of this meeting is to introduce myself to the prospect face to face in a coffee shop of her choice, as know of her only through a mutual friend (who set up this meeting). In the beginning I will try to build rapport with her restate her needs and requirements as per my earlier conversations with our mutual friend. I will then ask her questions to pinpoint and / or restate the most important of these needs. I will then give her an introduction, explanation and FAB specifics regarding the BMO mutual fund that best suits her needs (from a shortlist of funds I have ready for this meeting). After that, I will take feedback from her and answer any questions / objections she might have. The next step will be to obtain commitment from her that (ideally) meets my
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BMO Fund Sales Presentation Planning Worksheet - FINA25444...

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