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Future trends - China's Influence on World Trade

Future trends - China's Influence on World Trade - East...

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Expected to: surpass Japan as the 2nd largest trading nation – in the next 20 years. be the world’s biggest economy – between year 2020 and year 2030. substantially grow GDP and per capita GDP - build an all round well-off society – by year 2020. The GDP of year 2020 would be twice that of year 2000, lifting the county’s per capita GDP to US $3,000. attempt to increase and diversify supplies - particularly away from the Middle
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Unformatted text preview: East where is currently sources about 58% of it oil ( includes, Russia, Caspian Basin, the Americas, the East China Sea and particularly Africa. have 90 times more cars than in 1990 - by 2010, china is expected to have 90 times more cars than it has in year 1990 and is projected to surpass the total number of cars in the US by year 2030....
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