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probablity exercise

probablity exercise - 12 are for individuals 5 are for...

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Pg. 158-159 Part I 1. probability 2. experiment 3. event 4. empirical probability 5. subjective probabilities 6. classical 7. mutually exclusive 8. collectively exhaustive 9. mutually exclusive 10. complement rule 11. joint probability 12. independent Part II 1. Fred Friendly, CPA has 20 tax returns to prepare before the April 15th deadline. It is late at night, so he decides to do two more before going home. In his stack of accounts,
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Unformatted text preview: 12 are for individuals, 5 are for business and 3 are for charitable organizations. If he selects the two returns at random, what is the probability that: a. Both are business? = 5C2/20C2 = 10/190 = 1/19 b. at least one is a business? = (5C1 x 15 C1)/20C2 = (5x15)/190 = 15/38...
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