The Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 13 - International Law CHAPTER 13 INTERNATIONAL LAW I. LEARNING OBJECTIVES This chapter is intended to provide the student with an introduction to some aspects of the legal environment of international business transactions. In addition, it is designed to provide an understanding of how economically interdependent nations have become in recent years. The chapter also seeks to provide students with a basic understanding of the rules of international law and the major international organizations which influence their development and enforcement. Some consideration also is given to the emergence of the European Union, the World Trade Organization, and other trading organizations. Finally, the students are exposed to some of the risks involved in international trade and the attendant problems world trade poses on the U.S. domestic market. II. REFERENCES August, Ray, International Business Law . 4 th Ed. Prentice Hall (2004). Aust, Anthony, Handbook of International Law . Cambridge UP (2005). Belous, Richard and Kelly, Global Corporations and Nation-States: Do Companies or Countries Compete? National Planning Assoc. (1991). Deming, Stuart H., Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the New International Norms . ABA (2005). DiMatteo, Larry, et al ., International Sales Law: A Critical Analysis of CISG Jurisprudence . Cambridge UP (2005). Folsom, Gordon and Spanogle, International Business Transactions In a Nutshell . West Publishing Co. (2000). Hirschhorn, Eric, The Export Control Embargo Handbook . Oceana Publications (2005). Joyner, Christopher C., International law in the 21 st Century: Rules for Global Governance . Rowman & Littlefield (2005). Low, Lucinda, et al ., International Lawyer’s Deskbook . ABA (2003). Matsushita, Mitsuo, The World Trade Organization: Law, Practice and Policy Oxford UP (2003). Rochester, J. Martin, Between Peril and Promise: The Politics of International Law . CQ Press (2006). 13-1 Chapter 13 - International Law Schaffer, Earle and Agusti, International Business Law and Its Environment . 6 th Ed. South- Western Publishing Co. (2005). Steiner, Vagts and Koh, Transactional Business Problems , 4th ed. The Foundation Press (1998). Weatherill, Stephen, Cases and Materials on EU Law 7 th Ed. Oxford UP (2006). III. TEACHING OUTLINE INTERNATIONAL LAW AND ORGANIZATIONS 1. Sources of International Law A. Emphasize : (1) That the ICJ is the judicial branch of the United Nations. See for links to current cases and decisions of the court. (2) The widespread reluctance of nations to use the ICJ as a forum for resolving disputes. (3) Point out that private parties may not directly present claims before the court. Sometimes a state will take up the cause of the individual before the court....
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Chap013 - Chapter 13 International Law CHAPTER 13...

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