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Chapter 4 Collaboration is a great way for special educators and other professionals to conduct their interactions with each other and parents. It is important because it creates a sense of community along with trust and respect. Luckily IDEA has bolstered its role in helping students with disabilities, especially those in general education classrooms. I believe that it is very valuable to students with disabilities because it offers them the best education available. In order for it to work professionals must use “effective communication skills, follow clear processes, create programs and services that support it, and work with administrators to create a culture that fosters it.” Teaming, co-teaching, and consultation are also great ways to collaborate, which are effective. Although collaboration between parents and students can be difficult it is still important because it is very beneficial to the child. It is important to make sure that the parents are involved in their child’s life. Overall, collaboration is a great, and effective way for parents
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