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CEP week 6 - The Social Construction of High-Incidence...

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Unformatted text preview: The Social Construction of High-Incidence Disabilities Assessment and referral decisions have a huge impact on how children’s identities are being constructed. I do not think that referral decisions are reliable, especially since there are two complete ends of the spectrum. I do not feel like it is reliable because of these quotes from the passage, “there were teachers who annually referred as many as one third of their class” and “at the extreme opposite end were teachers who rarely, if ever, referred children. Some of those expressed the belief that the children were better off in general education with good instruction, while others were reputed not to refer because it required ‘too much paperwork.” To me it seems as though the best interests of the children are not being expressed, and that is what is important in order for the children to succeed. What I don’t like about the assessment decision is that parents are kept out of the decision process, and once they talk to the parents about it they use...
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