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Chanell I think it’s sad that Chanell felt ashamed of her disability, especially since it is something that she cannot change. School seemed especially difficult for her, and it sounds like her teachers should have done more to help her individually. It makes me mad that she had teachers that told her they did not like her, and did not want to help her. For me, the point of being a teacher is that it is rewarding. If you do not want to take the time to help children learn, then you should not be a teacher. Of all places school should feel like a safe zone to students, and instead Chanell chose not to go because she didn’t feel like she was getting the help she needed. I was also surprised that she thinks that women hide their LD better than men. I always thought that women would be the ones to come forward and ask for help instead of hiding their learning disability. The teacher recommendations that Chanell gave was good advice. I think it does help if a teacher sits down with a student to work with them, and breaking down the lesson plan, or the material to help
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