CEP week 11 - Books That Portray Characters with...

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Books That Portray Characters with Disabilities a Top 25 List for Children and Young Adults and Analyzing Books for Ableism After reading “Analyzing Books for Ableism” I tried to pick out which books would and wouldn’t be appropriate to have in a classroom. One of the books on the list that I didn’t think would be appropriate is Al Capone Does My Shirts. I decided that it wasn’t appropriate because it has the characters solving a mystery in order to receive help to become better. I also didn’t like Freak the Mighty because it seemed like they were teaming up two disabled kids to become one normal kid, and that sends the wrong message. A book that I think would be good to read, according to analyzing for ableism is Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever because it is part autobiographical. It is good to hear about personal experiences, and that way you are not getting just a single story. A book that I was unsure of was Chibi because its copyright date was 1955. Usually books about disability are more accurate and more acceptable after 1998; however Chibi seems well written and seemed to “stand the tests of time.” I thought that Hooway for Wodney Wat seemed inappropriate just because it was promoting bullying to other children, but it also shows disabled children in a different light, and shows them being the hero. I was also skeptic about relying on books based on receiving medals. I took TE 348 last semester and I learned from experience that when I was looking for an accurate book it often was not recognized, but other books were rewarded medals due to the illustrations and story line. Because of this I will not provide books in my classroom solely because they were rewarded
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CEP week 11 - Books That Portray Characters with...

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