HST 304 essay 1 - History 304 March 2nd 2011 Essay 1 The...

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History 304 March 2 nd , 2011 Essay 1 The South had been talking about seceding from the nation for years, but the initial talk about the secession began when the tariff of abominations was set into action. The South saw themselves as having two options, to either nullify the tariff or secede from the union. After a settlement was reached, the South decided to remain a part of the union. In 1860 the South had several concerns that they were facing, and that their rights were at stake. They felt as though they were already a minority, 1860 reapportionment would reduce their status even further, and Republicans can win the presidency without the South’s participation. Ultimately, the South felt as though their “rights of property” had been taken away from them. Faced with these concerns the South knew that they could either submit to the North’s superior force and face extinction or assume the dignity of independent states. South Carolina was the first to secede, but they were not the only ones. Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas seceded from
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HST 304 essay 1 - History 304 March 2nd 2011 Essay 1 The...

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