HST 304 Final - Ambrose Burnside west point class of 47...

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Ambrose Burnside west point class of 47 (Indiana) captivating personality, smiled frequently, remembered names, conveyed an air of self- confidence but… “few men have risen so high upon so slight a foundation” -“move quickly” –Lincoln to Burnside, Nov. 19 th , the goal is to capture Richmond, Lee is out of position, Ambrose moves the army very quickly, now moves 20 miles a day versus the 4-5 miles under mcclellan, gets there with 75, 000 troops. Flanked Lee -bridge destroyed so he arrives with all the troops but no bridge, no pontoon bridge was built and there was no way to cross it, by the time he waits for the pontoons to come Lee shows up, Lee didn’t think it was a good position to defend, Burnside army threw 5,000 bombs into Fredricksberg 14 separate Yankee assaults “a chicken could not live on that field when we open on it: “it is well war is so frightful, otherwise we should grow fond of it.” Burnside planned to attack the next day, did not lead it. Battle of Fredrisksberg came to an end losses at Fredericksburg December 13 th 1862 US 12,500 CS: 5,300 -lincoln gives advice to Hooker, when Hooker takes command his army is in shamble, made sure armies were well fed, soldiers ate before officers, ate soft bread on a regular basis, told Lincoln he didn’t need any more men, his problem was his pompacity. Hooker drank too much Chancellorsville was lees biggest victory, Hooker lost US: 17,000 CS: 13,000 “my God, what will the country say?” –Lincoln Lee’s reasoning: military opportunities, political issues, foreign issues foreign issues-British is still selling to the confederacy, selling weapons to them, good chance they might get involved CORPS-under the army, they were big, 30, 000 men. With Jackson gone his corp was slplit into 2 Ambrose Powell-virginian, west point, lass of 1847, accomplished lower grade officer (regiment, brigafe, division command) skilled fighter Richard Old Baldy Ewell-virginian, badly wounded at groveton where he lost a leg. West point class of 1840, accomplished lower grade officer with lots of experience James Pete Longstreet (lee’s old war horse)-not excited about the invasion, does not think the invasion of the north is the right idea George Gordon Meade- Pennsylvanian, west point class of 1835, accomplished lower grade officer (brigade, divison and corps) chosen because Lincoln thinks the next fight will take place in Penn and he was from there, thought that would benefit them into a win, Meade vs. Lee at Gettysburg March 16 th 2011 First day of Gettysburg-confederates coming back into Gettysburg to look for shoes, surprised by Buford’s cavalry Yankees have the high ground Both commanders did not expect to fight in Gettysburg -lots of fighting in little round top on the second day
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day 3-lee has massive attack at center of union line in 2 different ways, both failed, pickett and cavalry Gettysburg civil war turning point #5 suffered 28,000 casualties-feds alone in 3 day fight Meade offers to resign, Lincoln doesn’t want him to
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HST 304 Final - Ambrose Burnside west point class of 47...

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