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Hst 304 pg. 4 of War in the East Sidney Johnson fort Johnson falls embarrassingly to the Yankees Fort Donelson- attack on the Yankees-very big victory for the north, after first bull run, ,7 or 8 months after the disaster of bull run, 15,000 confeds captured General Nathan Bedford Forrest- entered war as a private, officer later on, paid for a cavalry and put himself in command of it, found this more appealing than being a private, ended the war as a 3 star general. Greatest soldier produced on either side of the war U.S. Grant-northern Hero-20 cigars a day New Orleans-Spring of 1862 things going bad for the confed, and Johnston has to do something Shiloh- 2,300 casualties Johnston shot behind the knee and killed, probably accidently shot by his own men Johnny Shiloh- newspaper hero, little boy, said he was serving in a unit there but he wasn’t, went on to be a general in the army, bloody nature makes it famous In the Shenandoah Valley and York Peninsula George McClellan- pleasant pupil, ends up number two at west point, in engineering, admitted he liked southerners better than northerners right before the war, see action in the Mexican war, general scot spoke highly of him, zeal and gallant, left the military before the civil war and got in the railroad business, which was not uncommon bc he was an engineer, outbreak of the civil war he is head of a railroad company in ohio, commanding troops in ohio, won a victory, after Manassas Lincoln puts him in charge of a new army and creates army called
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Hst 304 - Hst 304 pg 4 of War in the East Sidney Johnson...

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