Hst 320 NOTES - Hst 320 nov. 28th Wagner act: plan to defy...

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Hst 320 nov. 28 th Wagner act: plan to defy the act, think the courts will find it unconstitutional Frank Murphy: was mayor of Detroit during depression, argued laborers had rights, wanted to find ways to help the unemployed, social security, workers comp. etc. -president rewards murphy by sending him to Philippines as spokesperson -murphy was elected governor of Michigan -wants to maintain balance not send in troops to oppress the worker -attorney general -served in US supreme court United Auto Workers: lack of unions helped auto industry grow -foremen could hire, or fire whenever wanted -have no rights -scared of the foremen - desperate for a paycheck Harry Bennett: tried to make sure no workers were unionizing -if they were then they were fired -sake them up would make them not want to talk about joining the union Flint and the sit down strike: tales on GM biggest corp, wants to bring it down -flint-massive plant -new kind of strike-didn’t leave plant -lasts 10 weeks-ppl threatened to turn off heat and water -workers just want recognition by unions -organized and disciplined -classes and activities Women-big help, brought food -some violence because local authorities tried to use the police General motors wasn’t selling cars winter 36-genreal motors 50,000 cars 5 weeks later 125 cars Frank murphy sends in national guard to maintain peace while they all figure out what to do -murphy does not take sides -will not have blood on his hands, wants the two sides to figure it out General motors recognizes the UAW as the bargainer of their workers -dozens of sit down strikes happening in Detroit some lasted a few hours some lasted for days -some were peaceful and successful -so many in Detroit that in 1937 national reporters sent there to talk about the revolution that was going on Battle of the miller road: near river rogue complex -permission to be there to encourage workers to unionize ford motor company -Bennets thugs don’t like the idea of them being there -Ford did not think unions were necessary -Thugs attacked them bc they wouldn’t leave-severe beating -the pics of the victims made the newspaper and embarrassed the motor company -testimony given swayed public opinion in favor of the UAW
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-starts ford down that path and leaves UAW in charge of the big 3 -known as battle of the overpass Walter Reuther-Read article in course pack Wing Wheelers became Red Wings Tigers win first world series in 35 Joe Louis-from Alabama, comes to Detroit -Max Schmeling and Joe Louis became friends after the war Pearl Harbor: USS Oklahoma and Francis Flaherty: held flashlight so other men could get out of boat, drowned, received medal of honor USS Arizona :Jim Green- asleep when Japanese attacked, survived -33 Michiganders on the Arizona -in the 1930s the germans and japs seeking world domination -isolationists-wanted to stay out of it -knew we were going to have to get involved to help the allies -isolationists did not like it -voted against any presidential policy that put us into the war -congressman Clare Hoffman: argued Adolph hitler was not a world threat
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Hst 320 NOTES - Hst 320 nov. 28th Wagner act: plan to defy...

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