HST 320 Study guide - William Knudsen: production genius,...

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William Knudsen: production genius, model T could not have reached its phenomenal position without him, general, president of general motors -went to the biggest automaker and said what can you do to help us 1941 dedication of the building tanks plant -assembly line of tanks -by end of war it had produced more than 20,000 tanks from warren alone Henry Ford: builds first car with assistance of King, had to knock down wall to get it out of the garage, could have been a farmer but love for technology came from hate of labor, worlds 1 st billionaire, prior to building cars had well-paying job at Edison, went to 1893 convention, always wants to improve products, in early days he is an inventor not manufacturer, fords car won in a race it beat the fastest car and he got investors, 2 nd company formed was Henry Ford Company it failed and becomes Cadillac, his car cost less than many competitors, price kept dropping, 1908 model T was the best, selling 250,000 of them, highland park was birth of modern mass production and home of model T, built ships for awhile for WWI, wanted to bring peace to the world but fails, starts building war materials instead Alfred Sloan: revolutionized the auto industry. Introduced Americans to the concept of planned obsolescence, which led to great auto sales and left General Motors the world’s leading automaker, gets involved with rollerbearing company, president of GM when Durant fired, makes GM #1 automaker, “sloanism” is the annual cosmetic changes, increasingly heavier and more powerful cars with more gadgets and costing more and complete makeover every three years, industry all buy into the idea, cars price are increasing and # of companies decrease Ransom Olds: all cars look similar, 2 months after ford, not enough recognition, 1 st to manufacture the horseless carriages, Edward Sparrow was his investor, olds motor vehicle company made 6 cars then moved from lansing to Detroit, fair amount of success, highly priced cars but good product, then had car weighed 600lbs and cost less than 600 dollars and had success but then company had fire. Ransom Olds leaves the company but they keep his name, makes new company REO, continued to make cars to 1930s, first in Michigan to produce autos in any significant number, first to make great profits from manufacture sale of autos, first to stimulate other Michigan manufacturers, inspired a host of others who first worked for him William Durant: bought company and moved it to flint, very successful in manufacturing carts, became millionaire, everything Durant bought didn’t work, was willing to buy ford motor company, flimsy and disorganized, not good at details, created general motors, fired from general motors, Durant motors, died broke Walter Chrysler: understands the industry in a broader sense than others, decided to have his own company, Chrystler 6 was a good car, dodge company becomes absorbed by chrystler and its their mid car, Plymouth is the low car, he was very successful
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HST 320 Study guide - William Knudsen: production genius,...

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